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Its manufacturer in Prefabricated fiberglass Swimming Pools in Spain

SupportBarPool® MiniPiscinas Prefabricated fiberglass pools

In BarPool mini pools we are entrepreneurs who have spent many years specialized in the manufacture and handling of prefabricated pools fiberglass and polyester.

We offer jobs like coverings polyester fiber pools with leaks or leaks, slides manufacture providing all kinds of accessories for swimming pools and a wide and exclusive catalog of swimming pools, that will satisfy your needs and tastes. If you need any work of the above we are available to answer any questions, please call'll help in any way necessary.

In pools and mini-pools install what you want as the possible conditions of each client. We are very professional and we're giving you the confidence to count with our products.

In BArPool mini-pools we manufacture all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors. We have a wide range of insurance pools that will suit your needs. The classification groups in our range are: Roman pool...
When our models of pools do not meet your needs, we will conduct a personalized and feasibility study. We will try to meet your tastes and will bring our experience in the wonderful world of the pools.
The characteristics of the polyester coating and glass fiber product derived therefrom.  - Fiberglass: is a very strong material in nature. It does not alter what its duration is unlim...