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coatings P.R.F.V

The characteristics of the polyester coating and glass fiber product derived therefrom. 

- Fiberglass: is a very strong material in nature. It does not alter what its duration is unlimited. 

- The polyester resin, is presented in a liquid state allowing easy impregnated fiberglass. Clinging tightly to the surfaces on which they work. That must be used in each case the appropriate resin: antacid, fireproof, etc. to create the desired finish. 

The coatings are an easy solution for wall repair and spare suffering the effects of physical and chemical agents, mechanical, leaving a smooth finish, waterproof, seamless, washable and hindering adherence chemicals (salt, fats, oils , acids, etc) and microorganisms (moss, mold, bacteria, etc.). 

It is used: 

Health -coatings: mills, residential and hotel bathrooms, cold stores, canneries, slaughterhouses, sausage factories, laboratories, vehicles, etc. 

-coatings Waterproof swimming pools, terraces, ponds, fountains and ponds, troughs, ridges, etc.

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