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Custom pools and pools studies

When our models of pools do not meet your needs, we will make a personalized feasibility study. To build a pool to do a preliminary study to develop a custom job. The first thing you have to consider is the situation where we put the pool and the climatic conditions of the environment, the review carried out there to do a budget to present to the client. From this moment, we should check everything needed for the project manager can have everything you need and to make a proper construction of pool.

  •     Manufacturing and quality control
  •     The mold is made with layers of fiberglass
  •     It takes a varnished
  •     Combination of resin and fiberglass
  •     Made the monde, all holes made for plumbing and all that has been said
  •     Eliminating defects
  •     Polish the pool to get high gloss

We try to meet your tastes, and will bring our experience in the wonderful world of pools.