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MiniPiscinas - MiniPool Models

MiniPiscinas - MiniPool models prefabricated polyester fiber.

Great-little caprice for home.

Because of their small size these prefabricated mini-pools are ideal as a complement to larger pools particularly suited for kings home's where they can have fun and cool off. Also available with the system spa / whirlpool may be perfect for your bathroom, terrace or garden.

Spa Spa fiber and polyester

In our section of mini-pools you will discover the different models of spa and spa polyester fiber. The benefits of a spa can combine many factors such as hot water, massage water jets, relaxation and stress reduction. Our spas polyester fiber and have very good maintenance, easy installation and well secured. If you are looking for moments of relaxation and sleep quality we provide a range of spas and polyester fiber.

The "baby" of the pool recreation, has an advanced and functional design that allows four adults to relax inside, without scarcities. It is also ideal as a swimming pool for the children, and as a ...
This mini pool with rounded shapes, gives us a very fickle and customizable aesthetic environment. For his great polyvalence we can give various uses, from splash pool, to use as a large pond for y...
An authentic spa / pond rounded shapes, which offers a curved kidney-shaped aesthetic and adaptable to the environment. Your access has two steps, to facilitate entry to the public in general. This...
Make your stay in an authentic and comfortable "spa" with this pool of reduced dimensions, which will make the enjoyment of family and friends. ...