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Mini Pools - Pool Slides fiber

Make the most of your pool and various water games 

Slides with different finishes. With a unique texture and finishes that make the enjoyment of all family members, which primarily emphasizes safety, as they have integrated handles.In BarPool® - mini-pools each day we like to innovate and provide our customers all kinds of accessories to get more enjoyment from your pool. We have therefore developed a wide range of pool slides for the enjoyment of the entire family.

All our slides are certified and comply with current regulations and have passed quality control.

We have a team of highly experienced designers who can advise the best design that fits your pool.

Depending on your needs and space may install a small slide for the enjoyment of the smallest of the house, as well as whether you have enough space and your pool meets the requirements may install different slides forming a large water park where you can enjoy the family, friends and be the envy of the neighborhood.

We have several types of particularly suitable slides.

Slides for hotels, apartments, campsites, etc

Slides for water parks

Slides for households

Mini-pools - Trampolines - Vaulting.

Another accessory for your pool.

Also as ideal complement any of our slides you may find it interesting to install a trampoline.

This popular accessory is synonymous with fun and entertainment. Jumping Platforms / trampolines are made of different materials and shapes. The same slides trampolines that make your pool an entertainment venue ideal for any family member. Depending on your pool and your needs will advise you on which is the best option.