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About us

In BarPool® Prefabricated fiberglass pools, we are a big experimented technical and human team with many years in manufacturing, processing and handling of products of polyester reinforced with fiberglass (P.F.P.), we have in our favor many years of performance and more importantly, the satisfaction of our customers, who support and help us in this ongoing process of improvement and adaptation in this dynamic market.

But the greatest satisfaction is to participate with your in implementation and realization of their dreams so we been improving our desire to offer a good product (high quality pools) and service to our customers.

We are professional pool installers, we perform polyester fiber cladding leaky pools or water lost.

In BarPool® Prefabricated fiberglass pools, being manufacturers of reinforced polyester fiber, allows us to tackle large projects with reliability, efficiency and security in those areas that concern us as:

    • The manufacture of reinforced polyester pools fiberglass, little pool/ spa/ prefabricated ponds
    • Rehabilitation / repair /coating / lining of existing pools
    • Coating / linings and waterproofing surfaces
    • Installation of slides, accessories, stands and debug filtration equipment, and so on…

All this has led us to establish in this field with robustness and reliability, providing technical advice as needed and wherever they need it, we are professional of the pool and all the related polyester products.

This is possible thanks to the commitment, effort and dedication of our professionals who updated with new techniques and products that appear on the market in order to provide a good pool and better service.

A field that is gaining a lot of strength in these years is the coating or lining of pools, where we are a large team of professionals with extensive experience in this field. We get great results in the field of Rehabilitation / Restoration / Repair of existing pools, a solution that will be economical solution for your losses/leaks.

So we can only thank them for their confidence, wishing us have much in the future, as in the present.

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